#The B.r.a.v.e.r.You

The CanSurvivor’s Network is both an advocacy organization and limited liability corporation based in Detroit, Michigan. The advocacy wing provides emotional support services in partnership with The Victory Center, Metavivor, and Sharsheret. To join our private Facebook group, click here and a new window will open.

When The CanSurvivor’s Network was developed in 2014, it was initially a blog to document a personal experience with a stage two breast cancer diagnosis. The goal was to emphasize survivorship over cancer, hence the portmanteau of  ‘Cancer’ and ‘Survivor’ in the company name. We are a highly inclusive organization that understands the stigmas and disdain towards surviving, we now utilize vernacular around our second passion of music to describe our customer base defined by the following: 

The Fans: The audience that is not directly impacted by any cancer-based diagnoses and supports our initiatives.

The Team:  Friends, family, partners, and medical teams involved in the experience.

The Roadies: Commonly known as ‘Previvors,’ ‘Roadies’ are individuals who have discovered they have a genetic mutation that carries a high likelihood of developing into Cancer. Many ‘Roadies’ have undergone preventative surgeries resulting in removal and/or amputation. 

The Rockstars: Individuals directly impacted by an early-stage Cancer diagnosis at an early stage. ‘Rockstars’ come into the experience with unique, yet similar diagnoses. Like ‘Roadies,’ it is possible they have undergone surgeries resulting in removal and/or amputation. 

The Superstars: Individuals directly impacted by late-stage or incurable Cancer diagnosis that involves Metastatic Cancer. ‘Superstars’ have the highest likelihood of dying from their diagnoses and receive non-stop treatment. It is possible ‘Superstars’ began their experiences as ‘Roadies’ or ‘Rockstars.’  

The Supernovas: Individuals who have passed on with their disease or side effects of treatment being the culprit.

The Band: An all-encompassing term to describe the directly-impacted individuals: ‘Roadies,’ ‘Rockstars,’ ‘Superstars,’ and ‘Supernovas.’   

The CanSurvivor’s Network would not be possible without individuals who exemplify “The B.R.A.V.E.R.Y.”: Brilliant, Resilient, Amazing, Valuable, Enterprising, Real, YOU! In every person is intelligence and ingenuity. We aim to cultivate those qualities in order to break down inequities in the cancer community while promoting businesses from the get-go. Early buy-in is not easy in a Universe that is algorithm-obsessed and promotes sensationalism over context. In other words, we see YOU! 

If you fall into any of these categories or qualities, we would love to work with YOU to begin your Entrepreneurship experience! Contact us directly below for a free 30-Minute consultation: 


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