For the Breast of Us with Jasmine Souers & Marissa Thomas | Episode 050


Universe, what’s good?! Today’s episode features For the Breast of Us, an advocacy organization for women of color! Launched in March 2019 by Jasmine Souers and Marissa Thomas, FTBUS is on a mission to bridge a gap in representation. When Jasmine and Marissa were diagnosed with breast cancer, they hoped to find women who looked like them that were also experiencing may of the symptoms and feelings they were. After falling short, they decided to build their own table together, turning their pain into purpose.


If you have been longing for representation that is based in reality, this episode is for you! We discuss shortcomings in the community, as more African-American women are diagnosed with triple negative breast cancer (TNBC) than their white counterparts. Clinical studies are often disproportionally white, with only 6.2% of black women represented. This is leading towards more deaths within the black community. Something clearly needs to change!


If you would like to reach out to either Jasmine or Marissa, you can find them on their websiteFacebookInstagram, and Twitter.


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Production Credits

Joseph Coutcher – Production

Travis Moore – Vocals

Tre’sja Anderson – Make-Up

Music Credits

“Feeling Good” by LAKEY Inspired